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Massage Training “High Touch”

Educational training courses for spa and massage therapists, beauticians as well as physiotherapists to improve their day to day hands-on work and specialize or widen their spectrum of techniques with additional coaching to have an excellent guest handling.

The classic and most common type of massage and ideal to start as massage therapist. With its 3 basic techniques of Effleurage (sliding movements), Petrissage (kneading movements) and Friction (Rubbing), it focuses to reduce emotional and physical stress, increase the blood flow and lymphatic drainage and of course, ease muscular tension. The Swedish Massage can be ideally combined with Aromatherapy and be converted to a deep relaxation massage.

2 to 4 Day Training Course

Massage technique focused to treat musculoskeletal issues, especially after strains, smaller muscular injuries and chronic pain. The training highly focusses on the postural alignment.  This intensive technique involves several manual techniques by applying intense pressure using slow, deep strokes to get into the inner layers of muscles tissue and connective tissues. Several techniques are thought and using fingers, thumbs, hands, knuckles, elbow and forearm to reduce muscular tension and increase the range of motion.

3 Day Training Course

Advanced training course after the completion of the Deep Tissue course. The therapist will learn a wider scope of manual techniques to treat minor injuries, chronic pain as well as active and passive stretching to help realign and loosen muscle fibers. Releasing tightness in muscles and increase the range of motion is a key objective in the training. This course develops a deeper understanding for the need of different types of athletes to support them in preparation for training sessions or competitions.

Additional 1 Day Training (after completion of the Deep Tissue Massage Course)

Energy massage using traditional warm Hawaiian lava stones or self-heating lava shells to improve your blood circulation, release tension, re-charge energy levels.
The course gives practitioners the understanding in the use of hot stones or lava shells for a massage treatment as well as knowledge on how to heat, cool, store and keep hygienic standards. This course is ideal for spa and massage therapists.

2 Day Training Course

This course will teach how to optimally perform a prenatal massage, relieving back pain and strain.

Releasing from back pain and strains.

1 Day Training Course

Introduction training of one of the most ancient healing tools. Restoring the natural frequency of each cell with a body massage not only for the muscles but deeper organs including the circulatory and nervous system.  During the sound therapy the mind can be stimulated or calmed to transmit into deep state of relaxation.

This course is ideal during the current situation with restrictions due to COVID-19, as there is no direct hand contact of the therapist to the guest.

This course is with collaboration of César Tejedor, the founder of the healing sound therapy “VibraHealing®”one of the leading experts of sound therapy.

Further advanced VibraHealing courses with César Tejedor upon request.

Training courses starting from 1 up to 5 days

  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui Massage
  • Traditional Thai Massage
  • Herbal Stamp Massage
  • Aryurvedic Abyanga Massage*
  • Aryurvedic Head Massage*
  • Tibeatean KuNye Massage*

          *Online course available.

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